What we do:

  • Individual financial assistance to sailors
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Sailing Carnivals
  • Financial support of Clubs and Associations
  • Hosting of the annual Pacer Racer Challenge

What’s been achieved:

The Western Australian yachting community continues to achieve extra-ordinary competitive results at Olympic and World Championship level. RTYF is committed to continue playing a significant part in this success.

Good results on the world stage motivates and inspires the next generation to participate.  RTYF has supported many successful sailors over the years some of whom have even achieved Olympic selection for Australia including:

  • Matt Wearn: Tokyo Olympics, 2021
  • Monique De Vries: Olympics 2021
  • Nia Jerwood: Tokyo Olympics 2021
  • Colin Harrison: Rio, Para Olympics, 2016
  • Jamie Dunross: Rio, Para Olympics, 2016
  • Russell Boarden: Rio, Para Olympics, 2016
  • Elise Rechichi: Beijing Olympics, 2008
  • Tessa Parkinson: Beijing Olympics, 2008
  • Belinda Stowell: Sydney Olympics, 2000
  • Noel Robins: Sydney Para Olympics, 2000
  • Graeme Martin: Sydney Para Olympics, 2000
  • Jamie Dunross: Sydney Para Olympics, 2000


Current and upcoming events

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, 1 Hobbs Place
Peppermint Grove, Western Australia 6011 Australia
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Coaching Videos

Tom Hodge Media offers educational coaching videos for individual classes, these will be available to all on our website. The first class will be the 29-ers and Tom is planning approx. 10 videos covering various manoeuvres, strategies and coaching tips. The plan is that each series of videos will be pertinent for your own boat and will display clearly the best way to perform! Dependant on feedback, we will slowly work our way through the various Classes. If you are interested in assisting with the funding of this for your child’s class of boat, please come and see me afterwards. This will make this a beneficial learning tool for you all. We are excited with this new initiative which will offer you the opportunity to accelerate your development in your own time by providing you all with clear visuals and explanation of how to do things better in your own type of boat.