Who we are:

The benefits of being a totally independent and impartial body of enthusiastic volunteers, means that we can support the yachting community where we see maximum need, to achieve our declared long-term strategy and goal.

RTYF is financially backed by the yacht clubs throughout WA.  With the support of these clubs and their members, and with careful asset management of trust funds, RTYF currently provides grants in excess of $75,000 each year to assist sailors with their international campaigns.

A longer-term strategy for the Foundation is to increase the ‘pool’ and be able to award grants totalling $150,000 to deserving candidates each year. To do this, we need your assistance.

RTYF 2023 Pacer Racer Challenge -Race Management Team

Sadly, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the enforced travel restrictions, plans to celebrate the Foundations 40th Anniversary with grants in excess of $100,000 did not come to fruition as very few individual sailors were able to travel overseas.

Grants to WA Sailing Clubs and the Class Associations were paid out immediately, as was our commitment to the Classes who applied for support for the RTYF Coaching Clinic program.

We were also excited to support the Pacer Racer Challenge, and the Goolugatup Carnival run by South of Perth Yacht Club. This regatta provided wonderful competition locally for 165 WA sailors of 13 different fleets. It was a great regatta that filled the hole created by the COVID-19 lockdowns and everyone’s inability to travel.

RTYF awards, medals and Scholarships:

Historically, RTYF Grants and Awards were presented in conjunction with the Yachting Western Australia (YWA) Awards, prior to commencement of the European Summer so that they could assist sailors to attend Northern Hemisphere events.

Due to changes in the timing of the event, RTYF now hosts its own Awards night in the early part of each year.  This allows grants and medals to be given when sailors need them most and, in the lead, up to their Northern Hemisphere campaigns.

In recognition of outstanding performance and contribution to sailing the Foundation awards one or two RTYF Gold Medals at its annual awards ceremony. These medals recognise outstanding competitive achievements over the previous 12 months, or an outstanding lifetime contribution to the sport of sailing within WA. The RTYF Gold medal is viewed by many people as the pinnacle of recognition awarded in WA sailing.

Other medals awarded at the annual presentation ceremony are the RTYF Silver and Bronze medallions. These are presented to the best performing youth and junior sailors over the preceding 12 months.

Another award given by RTYF is the Syd Corser Scholarship, which comes with a significant cash grant. It is awarded annually to a sailor to assist them in achieving competitive success over future years and is keenly sought after.