Update – Cherub Association of WA

The sessions were held Saturday mornings on the 3rd of December and the 16th of December at PDSC.

We had 11 boats during the 1st session, and 9 for the 2nd session, which is extremely successful as we usually have 6-7 on a normal race day. 

Matt provided us with many useful drills and feedback which helped us during our successful nationals. He provided feedback such as crews looking for pressure and to ease the main slightly before the pressure hits and to remember to change gears when the pressure changes. 

Matt also took videos of each boat which allowed us to look back and review what each boat needed to work on and what they were doing well. 

The Cherub Association is extremely thankful to the Ron Tough Foundation for this wonderful opportunity and thanks all for their efforts and support of our fleet and the WA Sailing Community.

Ashleigh Everett

Cherub Association of WA