Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinics

The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation launched the new sponsorship program for Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinics in 2019. Following the success of this program in assisting those Classes that have applied since then, the program is continuing and is again available for 2023. All dinghy classes are encouraged to apply and we also welcome applications from those junior classes that exist solely in WA and may not host National Events so we may find ways to assist the development of your young sailors too.

The Pre-National Coaching Clinics initiative is intended to add further support to the admirable success of the Western Australian sailing community by helping to reinforce both the performance and strong state team spirit of our sailors as they prepare to represent our great state in National competition.

Class Associations affiliated with Australian Sailing are now invited to apply for sponsorship from the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation to assist them in arranging and coordinating a Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinics for their sailors in 2023.

The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation will provide successful Class Association applicants with the sponsorship of up to $1,000 to assist with paying for high-performance coaching services in relation to a 2-day coaching clinic. Clinics are intended to be provided to sailors in their Class who are registered to attend the Australian National Championship and/or Australian Youth Championship for their Class.

Application Process

Applications from Class Associations for 2023 funding should be provided in writing to the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation by email to and must be received by 15th September 2023 for consideration.

Written Applications must contain the following essential information to be considered:

  • Association Name:
  • Association contact person, telephone number, and email address:
  • Intended dates for Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic:
  • Intended Host Club for Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic:
  • Intended Coaching Staff to be used for Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic:
  • An estimate of the number of boats anticipated to attend the Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic:
  • The venue of 2023/24 National Championship and/or World Youth Championship selection event for the Class:
  • A commitment that all promotion and marketing of the event will recognize the sponsorship of the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation and that the event will carry the name “Ron Tough Yachting Foundation…Class Name… Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic”

Successful Applications:

Class Associations whose applications are successful will be notified by the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation via email.
Sponsorship moneys will be paid to the Class Association following the conclusion of the Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic and provision to the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation of:

  • Copies of invoices to the Class Association for Coaching services from coaching staff (for verification only),
  • Attendance list of all sailors/teams who participated in the entire weekend Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic,
  • Report on the outcomes of the Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic suitable for publication by the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation (Please provide reports in Word format and relevant photographs in JPEG format).

(Please note: Sponsorship moneys will be paid directly to the Class Association and Class Associations are responsible for the payment of individual coaching accounts or other expenses incurred by them in relation to their coaching program)

Terms and Conditions:

The following terms and conditions apply to all Class Associations wishing to apply for sponsorship for a Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic:

Sponsorship Amount:

A maximum of $1,000 is allocated however the final amount paid to the Association will be based on the lower of:

  • $1,000
  • The total coaching bill if less than $1,000
  • $200 per boat in attendance for the full weekend program if less than 5 boats attend.


Attendance at the coaching clinics is open only to sailors from that class who are registered for and clearly intending to participate in the Australian National, and/or World Youth Championship selection event for that Class. All sailors within the Class in Western Australia clearly demonstrating an intention to attend one of these events shall be welcomed to attend the coaching clinics regardless of age.

Classes Associations/groups specifically invited to apply:

RSX Windsurfer, Windfoiler, Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, 420, 29er, 49er, Nacra 15, Open Skiff, 125, Pelican, Cherub. Other Classes are also welcomed to apply


Class Associations are requested to consult with local yacht club’s management/coaching to determine a specific host club venue and date for the Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic. Associations are particularly encouraged to consider those yacht clubs currently supporting the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation.


All coaching clinics to occur between 1 November and 25 December with the exact weekend schedule for each Class to be determined by Class Associations in Consultation with host venue.


Formal Organizing Authority for each Coaching Clinic to be the respective Class Association and/or the Host Club.


All promotion of Coaching Clinics by Clubs, Associations, RTYF, Australian Sailing, Coaches, to be described and advertised as “Ron Tough Yachting Foundation… Class Name… Pre-Nationals Coaching Clinic”.

Coaching Staff:

Class Associations are encouraged to ensure high-quality performance-oriented Coaching Staff are utilised for any Ron Tough Yachting Foundation-sponsored event. Coaching Staff are to provide invoices for their services directly to the relevant Class Association who will forward copies to RTYF so that RTYF sponsorship to cover coaching costs, up to maximum sponsorship amount, can be transferred to Class Association.

Coach development:

While the highest quality of coaching is sought to be delivered at each clinic, Class Associations are also encouraged to invite and provide the opportunity for younger/less experienced coaches to attend and learn from our States best coaching talents, as the sessions are delivered.

Further budget expenses for each weekend:

As each weekend is to be organized by the respective Class Association within the RTYF guideline’s, any expenses other than coaching staff or coaching expenses exceeding the amount of RTYF sponsorship would be payable by the Class Association, and not the responsibility of RTYF. Therefore, the Class Associations may wish to use their own reserves or charge participants a participation fee to cover any costs that they expect would exceed our offered sponsorship amount.

It is important to note that any charges by Associations should be intended only to cover additional expenses directly linked to the coaching clinic, and should not be treated as a fundraising event.