Michael Compton

Laser 4.7 World Youth Championships, Gdynia, Poland

The laser 4.7 worlds in Poland Gdynia has left me with a mixture of feelings, some good some bad. I’m super happy to have come away with the U16 world title and to be second in the world is pretty amazing, however, that elusive first place has still left a hunger for more.

There is a saying “it takes a village to make a champion” I didn’t know it would be so hard to remember everyone’s name in the village, so if I miss you below, I apologize in advance. First, I would like to thank my major sponsors, my parents, without whom I wouldn’t have started sailing. While we have our ups and downs and I think you stress more than me, I want you to know I appreciate the effort you put into helping me (including not touching my boat, which I know is hard for you).

Next, I would like to thank my two home clubs FSC and SoPYC for your support and character building training sessions that push me to keep getting better. My coaches Ben and Ryan who are coaching legends and also set an example I hope to be able to live up to off the water.  Thanks’ for helping me through the downs and not letting my ego get ahead of me in the ups.  My other coaches Thor, Belinda, Arthur, Mikael, and Tessa for keeping me focused on the process not results.  I would like to thank WASS and Monkey fist for the gear I wore sailing every day.

Finally, thanks to The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation for their sailing grant which was a great help.

One of my role models has a saying “winners never quit and quitters never win” so I’m back to training for radials from next week.